Status Pages

For Support Teams

Reduce Support Costs

Reduce the number of support requests during outages. Allow users to subscribe to receive important updates via text/SMS message, email, and more.

Proactive Communication

Communicate the real-time status of services to your customers and users. Keep users up to date on the progress of incident resolution from discovery to close. Define standard message templates to more quickly post downtime, degradation, or all-clear notifications.

For Developers

API Configuration and Event Triggering

Create and manage services and settings via the API. You may also trigger events, post updates, and resolve events using the API or command line tool.

For Systems Administrators and DevOps

Support for Multiple Services

Configure pages for multiple services as well as the underlying components upon which your services rely. Choose which services to display to users.

Monitoring Built-In

Utilize a variety of built-in sensors to perform regular, automated checks on your services and service components. Take advantage of pre-defined integrations to check on the crucial third-party tools or resources upon which your service relies.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with tools you already use.
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Adobe Spark
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