Cool Hand Communication Framework

Communication as a Service

Whether you are providing services directly to customers and users, or you are an IT team responsible for communicating with internal stakeholders -- everyone provides the service of communication.

The Cool Hand Framework™ provides a clear and concise system for defining, planning, and executing good communication.

  • Document intent.
  • Identify participants.
  • Establish communication channels, tools, and preferences.


A Recipient is any person or group that receives messages. A Sender is any person or group involved in sending messages. The roles are not mutually exclusive.

Additionally, the Communication Manager is:

  • accountable for communication processes,
  • helps organize and facilitate good communication,
  • and maintains the communication plan.

The Cool Hand Frameworks help you define the responsibilities and expectations of each role involved in communication.


Communication processes reign in the chaos of communicating with customers and users by:

  • Providing structure and consistency.
  • Measuring results through KPIs.
  • Utilizing standard process improvement techniques to improve communication over time.

The Cool Hand Framework provides processes for building a communication plan as well as specific communication processes.

Tools and Templates

Tool and templates provide consistency and speed in communication across all channels.

Although Action X Solutions™ provides a number of software tools representing multiple channels of communication, the Cool Hand Framework is vendor-agnostic.


Example plans, processes, and other documentation are provided. The Cool Hand Framework is not prescriptive. Use it as is or adapt it to your needs.


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