Communication Planning

What is a Communication Plan?

Your Communication Plan is a framework for bringing the various components of good communication together. It documents intent, identifies participants, and establishes communication preferences and needs.

The Communication Plan selects, collects, and maintains the processes and tools used to communicate with your customers and users.


The primary objectives of a communication plan are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Timeliness
  3. Informative

Consistency means delivering the same style and tone across all communications in a format or presentation that will be familiar to your recipients. The means of delivering messages is also consistent so that recipients know exactly what to expect.

Timeliness means communicating at the right moments and establishes the appropriate frequency of communication.

Informative means that recipients receive valuable information that is concise, as simple as possible, and free of jargon.

Cool Hand Framework™

We've developed the Cool Hand Framework™ to provide processes and tools for creating your communication plan. Use it as is, or customize as needed.

Communication Planning

Need help getting started? Our Communication Planning engagement includes consulting, documentation, tools, and training for implementing your plan.

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