Action X Solutions specializes in transactional communications. We deliver solutions to help you engage more, connect more, and sell more.

Our journey into digital signage and targeted communications began when we realized conventional solutions were overworked and too difficult to maintain. We asked ourselves a question:

"Why can't today's solutions be as easy as posting to social media?"

Our adventure was born and realized from a great desire to make the experience work better.

We formed Action X Solutions to help organizations, who like us, have a great desire to deliver more value and better experiences.

Our team of consultants and software engineers are passionate about good communication. We believe that:

  • Great communication is an art.
  • Good communication is a discipline.
  • All communication is hard.

There is so much noise in today's world. Customers and users are bombarded with texts, email, phone calls, signs and more. The proverbial information overload has caused people to tune out this noise, relegating important messages to the SPAM filter that everyone has erected -- either using tools or just mental adaptation.

Good communication is about communicating at the appropriate times with the appropriate frequency using clear and concise language and graphic design.

Good communication is also tailored for the recipients of the message across the channels upon which they wish to be notified.

Good communication reaches its audience in a meaningful way that delivers value to that audience.

Action X Solutions is dedicated to building easy-to-use systems of that deliver good communication.

Digital Signage

Setup, install, and maintain your digital signage, kiosks, and wayfinding on the web from any device on any platform.

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Status Pages

Easily communicate the status of services to your customers and users. Keep them up to date on up-time and outages to reduce support requests.

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Targeted Messaging

Provide SMS, email, and voice messages to subscribers concerning announcements or notices to which they have subscribed.

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We'll help you create a communication plan, set up the tools that broadcast across your channels, and even build out your initial messaging templates and content.