Training and coaching is at the core of our mission, and we offer a variety of professional development programs, including those focused on enterprise service management for IT professionals as well as a non-technical audience. Examples include:

  • DevOps training and certification: Formal training for both technical and non-technical staff.
  • From Green Screen to Touch Screen: A training series designed to assist staff coming from legacy systems to get up to speed on modern technologies. This series is also beneficial for non-technical service desk staff and business managers in charge of technology products and services.
  • ITSM Training: Accredited training for IT and enterprise service management.

Build a solid foundation for growth, or provided much-needed fuel to sustain efforts to improve.

From Green Screen to Touch Screen

A brief history of technology and how it works for non-technical people or technical professionals that have been working in legacy systems. Learn More

How to Own a Software Product

Learn how a software product is created and managed. This is essential for stakeholders and product owners. Learn More

DevOps Training and Certification

Formal, accredited training for both technical and non-technical staff, with optional exam and certification. Learn More