Business Planning

Road Mapping

Transitioning from a cost-based organization to a valued service provider can be quite challenging. Even knowing where to start is sometimes difficult, much less staying the course. Our road mapping process is a series of sessions conducted over three days, including:

  • Highly focused strategy sessions.
  • In-depth discovery and business analysis.
  • Basic training for the journey ahead.

The result is a planning document that you may use to improve and mature your organization.

Solutions Consulting

A solution is an answer to any problem or challenge your business is facing. Our expertise lies in the finding proper solution in terms of cost value and risk. This could be:

  • Make sure the right people are in the right positions.
  • Dealing with deficiencies or defects in business processes.
  • Finding or (when necessary) creating a technology (tool-based) solution.

Process Improvement

A process is a series of activities or steps that begins for a reason (a trigger), taking inputs and produce outputs. This simple definition of a process is foreign in many modern companies. Process improvement helps:

  • Identify and document processes.
  • Establish the people are accountable, responsible, consulted and informed as a process is executed.
  • Set up metrics to track process improvements.