Software Development

When software integration or custom software is required, we have the processes and people to do the job. Over the course of the last twenty years, we've developed an inventory of tools and software libraries that shorten the time required to bring and idea to fruition.

We excel at:

  • API Integration and Data Warehousing: Connecting disparate systems together using APIs, batch processing, and Web hooks. Creating extract-transform-load (ETL) systems.
  • Data-Driven Web Applications: Replacing spreadsheets, Sharepoint apps, and other disparate tools with a slick, web-based tool. Convert Excel, Access, FileMaker databases into modern, Web-enabled interfaces.
  • Hardware Automation: Connecting and manipulating Internet-connected devices via web and mobile apps. Building configurable systems for changing the state of supported hardware (for example, Raspberry Pi) from both web and mobile interfaces.
  • Productivity Systems: Web-based and mobile-enabled productivity; project/task management, process/workflow management, customer relationship management, business planning, talent management, content management, and more.
  • Server-Side Automation: Command line scripting and server-side programming for automating business and technical tasks.